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3 reasons to travel independently

in Bulgaria


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Bulgaria is a fascinating, beautiful, difficult country, and I fell in love with it. - Garth Greenwell

The world of travel is evolving. Organized tours have somehow lost their appeal as they are limiting the interaction with locals and not allowing travelers to feel the authentic atmosphere of a place.

And in case that your next destination is Bulgaria and you are now wondering how to organize your trip, maybe you may find this post helpful. So, let's discuss the main reasons why traveling independently in the Land of Roses is absolutely worth it.

1) Transport in the country is really cheap and accessible to most places

Compared to European public transport, the Bulgarian is really cheap. The good part is that most cities and villages are well-connected via buses or trains, so you can explore the whole country without renting a car. Accommodation as well is not expensive. Cozy guest houses, charming AirBnbs, beautiful villas can be very affordable. A lot of tourist attractions are free to visit or the tickets are quite cheap (a quick reminder - always carry some cash with you). Places like Sofia and Plovdiv offer free walking tours. And if you combine all of those, you can save up to 20-30% of the price for an organized trip. Last but not least, if you travel independently, you will be free to decide upon where to go, and how much time to spend there.

2) Get the Real Picture of Bulgaria

If you join an organized trip, the chances that you will glimpse some breathtaking scenery or feel the thrill to explore on your own are close to zero. That is because most of the travel agencies want their clients to see as much as they can in a short period of time and thus do not let them fully enjoy the experience. So, why not grab a backpack and a camera and start your journey to the less known and yet magical places in Bulgaria?! :)

And if you wonder which those places are, you can check out in this article.

Our country is especially proud of the rich folklore traditions, and we recommend you to check out when festivals (Rose Festival, 1000 Bulgarian Folk Costumes in One Place, Nestinarstvo, Humour Carnival, Rozhen National Folklore Festival, Surva, Lazaruvane, Epiphany, etc.) are held, so you can get a glimpse of those unique traditions.

Bulgaria Horo Dances in cold waters

3) Bulgaria is Yet to be Discovered

Shiroka Laka, Beautiful Bulgaria

In case you are fond of adventures - Bulgaria is the place to visit. As it is yet a not widely known tourist destination, this country is waiting to be explored. Here you can still visit amazing places where no tourist has been before. How about taking a leisure walk through villages, where life goes on in the rhythm of past centuries (did you know that Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe? :) )? Or have an exquisite wine tasting experience in a picturesque winery? Bulgarian cuisine will be a delight for your senses, while ancient fortresses, impressive churches, sacred monasteries, breathtaking mountain views and golden beaches will simply leave you speechless. What is more, the Bulgarian weather is very nice - you can visit the country all year round. Our advice is - do not speed things up and take your time to explore the secrets of this place.

You already want to start planning your trip in Bulgaria? Let us at BaoGuide make it easier for you and help you do it for free!

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