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How to plan your trip in Bulgaria? #solo

Hey solo traveler! Planning to travel in Bulgaria on your own or with friends? If you are looking to organize your trip then you have come at the right place. Forget about paying for expensive tour guides on spot when travelling in Bulgaria. You can find all the information and all the useful links you need to organize your trip in Bulgaria just by being online. Read this article to plan your trip in Bulgaria easy and quick.

  • Let's start planning your trip in Bulgaria by introducing your transport otions.

Well, that's not too hard to do! You can safely travel in Bulgaria by any means of transportation. Let's talk about your transport options by train or bus that can take you to almost every corner of the country.

1) Travelling by Bulgarian trains is not only the cheapest way to get around the country but is also a great way to interact with the locals. Yes, I know... trains in Bulgaria are old BUT the view are worth it (plus the feeling is authentic and unique if this is your first time). You can check the schedulle for your next train, duration of travel time and price tickets at Bulgaria State Railways. The searcher is translated in English, though some parts are in Bulgarian, you will find it very useful when making your travel plans in Bulgaria. Just select your destinations by clicking on "From Station" and "To Station" and see the times that you find best.

2) Travelling by bus in Bulgaria is pretty convenient and developed for tourists that would like to get from A to B in the country. You can find a bus to almost every destination including finding your way to small villages, p.s the same goes for trains. Find Bulgarian bus schedulles, duration of trips, ticket prices and book online in English from this website. Here is another useful bus searcher in Bulgaria if you didn't like the times and hours of departure in the previous.

  • Find your destination
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