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Top 5 Ideal Places for a one-day trip from Sofia

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So I heard you are planning to stay in Sofia and you would like to see a bit more during your short stay in Bulgaria. Let's look at the best places that you can visit and get back to Sofia in one day. Don't know how you will get there? No worries, transport options are included!

1. Rila Monastery - Sacred and Holy

Welcome to Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. Learn how to go to Rila Monastery from Sofia for a one-day trip.

Let's start with Rila Monastery that was founded in the 10th century and still functioning. Only 2 hours away from Sofia you will be able to visit the most famous and largest monastery in the whole country. Cosindered as one of the symbols of Bulgaria, the monastery is named after Saint Ivan of Rila who is the patron saint of all Bulgarians.

Besides its majestic size, the monastery is home of one of the most valuable Bulgarian church artifacts - The Rafail Cross. Legends say that Father Rafail spent all of his life in carving it and due to paying incredible attention to the details he eventually lost his sight and went completely blind. The artifact is exhibited in the monastery.

Rafail Cross, Most valuable artifact in Rila Monastery. Know more on

The wall murals inside the church are really spectacular. There are unique illustrations that show the appearance of the devil and the judgement day. Rila Monastery is this kind of impressive places that people just want to visit. In order to go there, you need to take a daily bus departing from Sofia every morning. There is a bus on your way back from Rila Monastery to Sofia in different hours of the day.

2. Plovdiv - The Oldest city in Europe

Travel to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Plan your trip there for free with BaoGuide - Bulgaria Travel Chat

Plovdiv is considered to be one of the oldest cities not only in Europe, but in the whole world. There Roman, Byzantine, Thracian and Slavic history and culture mix to reveal the glory of this astonishing city during each century.

Plovdiv - The city on the seven hills, Learn more at

Plovdiv has historically developed on seven hills, that is why it is also known as “The City of the Seven Hills”. Ancient theatres, city walls from Medieval times, Ottoman mosques, beautiful Orthodox churches and romantic narrow streets. The Old Town of Plovdiv is a must-see. There not only can you go sightseeing, but also enjoy street music performances, while eating exquisite local dishes and feel the authentic atmosphere of 19th century.

Plovdiv's small cafe shops and narrow artistic streets. Learn more at

The city is located in Southcentral Bulgaria and it takes 2 hours by train to reach the place departing from Sofia Central Train Station. Learn more about how to buy your train/bus ticket from Sofia to Plovdiv from this short useful article.

3. Melnik - ,,The small Italy of Bulgaria''

Melnik - The small Italy of Bulgaria, only at

The smallest town in Bulgaria. Melnik is the most popular of all Bulgarian wine regions. During the summer the temperatures can get really high but luckily there is a number of wine cellars for wine tastings that keep it pleasantly cool and refreshing.

Wine and Bulgarian pyramids in Melnik. Get to Melnik from Sofia.

If you are a wine lover and enjoy sandy nature then Melnik is the place for your one-day trip from Sofia. There is no train line going to Melnik directly but there are daily buses that can take you there and get you back. Enjoy Bulgaria's most renowned red wines in a cozy and splendid atmosphere.

4. Koprivshtitsa- The small town of big heroes

Koprivshtitsa is perfect for a one-day trip from Sofia.

Koprivshtitsa or “Копривщица” in Bulgarian is a really interesting place to go to if you are into old authentic houses, narrow streets, old churches and history. The place itself is an outside museum of the Bulgarian way of living in the 19th century during the National Revival. It is known for the April uprising or in other words the famous Bulgarian rebellion against the Ottoman Empire, which later led to the independence of Bulgaria. In this small town you can see and visit a lot of preserved architectural monuments (houses). There you can find exhibitions of Bulgarian traditional costumes, craft tools, jewelry, cutlery, authentic handmade carpets and more. There are some things to remember:

Place to buy museum tickets in Koprivshtitsa

Once getting there I advise buying one ticket entrance for all museum houses that you can visit. It costs 3 euro or 6 leva. You get a map of the town along with the one in all ticket where you can see the location of all houses. The map is not that well made and it was available only in Bulgarian the last time I visited, so you can also just decide to take a walk in Koprivshtitsa. This way you will get to see along almost every house museum just passing through the narrow streets in 1 to 2 hours. Don’t go to Koprivshtitsa on Mondays or Tuesdays, the house museums are closed and some of the restaurants too.

Trains to Koprivshtitsa from Sofia, Train Station Koprivshtitsa

It takes only 1 to 2 hours by train to reach Koprivshtitsa from Sofia so it is a perfect place for a one-day trip. When you get at the train station you must then hop on a small bus that awaits the train passengers. The small bus will take you to the town.

5. Seven Rila Lakes - The Healing Waters of Bulgaria

Seven Rila Lakes Planning your trip by bus. Get some quick tips about Seven Rila Lakes

Being short of time when visitting in Sofia, you can also decide to get to Sapareva Banya and take the lift to the magnificent and famous Seven Rila Lakes which is a must see in the summer. I would not advise going there in winter ot autumn since it is foggy and you need winter equipment. Please note that you need to spare 1 day to explore the Seven Rila Lakes, first you need to get to there which is around 1–2 hours by bus from Sofia and get back for another 2 hours. You will probably spend around there 4–5 hours. So it is a one day trip.

Here are some useful websites that will help you when travelling in Bulgaria such as Central Railway Schedulles and Bulgarian Bus Transport Services. If you are in need of any help, our team of travel specialists will help to plan your trip in Bulgaria for free. Write to us for more destination insights and transport options at all time.

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