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Top ski resorts in Bulgaria

Winter is just around the corner and it promises to be full of pleasant surprises. We bet you are looking forward to an amazing holiday and already started planning it. And what's a winter adventure without ski? It has been said that skiing is a dance and the mountain leads. So let us at BaoGuide be your compass that navigates you to the top 3 ski resorts in Bulgaria and provides you with some of the details you might need!

In recent years Bulgaria has become an increasingly popular winter destination among Europeans. Affordable prices, breathtaking scenery, challenging slopes and cozy hotels attract all kind of visitors. With heavy snowfalls and mild winter temperatures Bulgarian mountains welcome ski tourists until March-April. However, we suggest that you check the weather forecast when planning your trip. OK, are you ready to explore?

We start with:

1) Borovets (Rila mountain)

Borovets is Bulgaria’s oldest and most famous ski resort. It's situated on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain, below the Balkans’ highest peak of Musala. This is a small ski resort ideal for traveling with your family/a group of friends. Most of the hotels offer a transfer from/to the airport, which takes about an hour. The ski runs there are great for beginner/intermediate skiers. Borovets has three distinct ski centres - each of them is linked with lift from the town centre. The largest one is called Sitnyakovo Central, Markudjik ski is the highest and Yastrebets offers the best slopes. There is night skiing available for those who are up for it (6-9 pm). Another perk is that everything in Borovets is located within walking distance. It is a place which has a lot of affordable restaurants with fresh and delicious food.

Here is a shot of the lift:

The next ski resort we would like to bring to your attention is:

2) Bansko (Pirin mountain)

Банско ски писта

The resort is located 160 km south from Sofia, you can hop on a bus from the Central Bus Station, it usually takes around 2-3 hours to reach Bansko. It is inevitable that skiers would fall in love with this place. It has the longest ski runs and the richest cultural history. The scenery is spectacular with tall snow capped mountains all around. The lift up to the slopes is called the gondola. Sometimes the queue can be long, but there is also a shuttle minibus, leaving at about every 5 minutes from the parking near the gondola. The ski pass is valid for both the gondola and the shuttle minibus. Once you get on the slopes, you can hire ski instructors which are quite helpful. The food and drink there are reasonably priced.

P.S. Don't forget to try the herbal tea (билков чай), it is made entirely from local herbs and it smells & tastes delicious!

Last but not least, here comes:

3) Pamporovo (Rhodope mountains)

Pamporovo ski resort is located in the heart of the Rhodope mountains, on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of Snejanka peak (1926 m). It is considered the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort. The bus ride although may take longer - around 4 hours, so you can consider renting a car. In Pamporovo you can find slopes for everyone - there are the rounded ones for beginners and the difficult ones for professionals (such as "The Wall"). There are plenty of ski schools with excellent instructors to take you around the slopes (and the reds, blues and if confident - the blacks). You can buy a sky pass for a day (58BGN). We recommend you to go to the peak and enjoy the amazing view from the top!

As the most southern European ski resort and home of the mythical singer Orpheus, Pamporovo for sure will fascinate you.

To sum up, if you are willing to make the most of your money or are just eager to experience a different culture and try something new, then Bulgaria is the place for you! :)

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